Should you Hire a Skip in East Sussex?

Skip hire in East Sussex is easily available. We have some great skip hire companies in the area. They can drop off a skip (if you have an off-street area or permit) and you can load up your waste yourself… just make sure it’s a level load! You then wait a few days or so and the skip will be collected. But is there a better way?

What are the alternatives to Skip Hire in East Sussex?

Here at ETS Waste, we do all the hard work for you. Just show us where the waste is and we’ll clear and dispose of it for you. No hassle, and no wasted time or energy on your part. We provide quick, easy and professional house clearance and rubbish removal services throughout Eastbourne and most of East Sussex.

Save yourself multiple trips back and forth filling up a skip, breaking your back lifting and carrying furniture or other items, and just get in touch with us for a quote. We will take all the pain and stress out of the job, completing it for you with minimal fuss and disruption. All at a very reasonable price, which can sometimes even work out cheaper than a skip.

Let us do the hard work for you!

We are fully licensed Waste Carriers, registered with the Environment Agency. Our licence number is CBDU172119. You can rest assured your waste will be dealt with legally and responsibly. We dispose of all the waste we collect at licensed commercial waste transfer stations. At these facilities, waste is separated and goes for recycling.

Any non-recyclable waste is used as an energy resource in ‘waste-to-energy’ projects, minimising the need to use fossil fuels in energy production. This ensures that we send zero waste to landfill.

In conclusion, there is certainly an important place in the waste management industry for skip hire. However, if you want your waste cleared quickly, easily and professionally, with zero effort on your part, then a professional, licensed waste clearance company such as ETS Waste are the perfect choice.

Please fill in our online quote form for a quick, free estimate.

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