Fly-Tipping Clearance in East Sussex

Fly-Tipping Waste Removal in East Sussex

ETS Waste provide fly-tipping clearance services throughout East Sussex. We hate fly-tipping! In this day and age of environmental awareness it seems incomprehensible that it still goes on, but it does – and on a large scale! It’s thought that local councils spend upwards of £10,000 per month clearing up the mess.

Fly-Tip Clearance Services in East Sussex

We can clear fly-tipped waste wherever it may be. So whether you’d like to clear some old rubbish from the alley behind your house, or perhaps you’re a landowner who’s discovered some fly-tipped waste on your property, ETS Waste can help! We can arrive at a time to suit you, before clearing and disposing of almost anything we may find.

We Recycle – Aiming for Zero to Landfill!

ETS Waste care passionately about recycling and minimising waste sent to landfill. We only dispose of waste at licensed waste transfer stations where it is sorted and processed for recycling or waste-to-energy projects. Read more here…

Why do people Fly-Tip waste in East Sussex?

As with most things, it usually comes down to cost. Recycling is not always cheap, with a lot of sorting and processing taking place before it can be done effectively.

This means professional waste clearance companies such as us have to pay a significant portion of our turnover to the waste transfer stations where we dispose of your waste for recycling. This cost is of course passed onto the customer when the quote is originally given to them.

Some people fly-tip their own rubbish to avoid this cost, which is bad enough. But even worse, they may unsuspectingly hire a cheap, un-licensed, man-and-van style service for a ‘tip-run’.

There are a lot of these type of ‘cowboys’ in the waste clearance industry, which is why it’s very important to ensure you know exactly who is disposing of your waste. It’s important to check they’re licensed by the Environment Agency, because if not they cannot use a commercial waste transfer station to dispose of your waste. Even being licensed doesn’t necessarily mean the person or company you use won’t fly-tip, so always use a reputable company such as ETS Waste Management Ltd.

Fly-Tipped Rubbish Clearance in East Sussex

It’s illegal for any trader to use the free household recycling centres. They are for the use of householders to dispose of their own waste only. No trade or commercial waste is allowed, which is what your waste becomes once you pay someone to take it away.

Inevitably, these type of illegal, unlicensed rubbish clearance guys fly-tip the rubbish and contribute hugely to the fly-tipping problem in East Sussex. They’re cheap to use for a reason – they have no disposal costs! But, if the waste they dump leads back to the person who hired them then it’s that person or company that ends up with the fine, which can run into thousands of pounds!

As with most things, it’s worth paying a little more for a professional service. It’s better for the environment, helps the economy by funding legitimate tax-paying businesses – and saves you from potentially getting a large fine!

How Much Does Fly-Tipping Clearance Cost?

Fly-tipping comes in various shapes, sizes and materials, so it’s best to get in touch for a personalised quote.

Why use ETS Waste?

  • Trading Standards Approved
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Easier than a skip
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trusted reputation
  • We recycle your waste

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