recycling in east sussex

How are ETS Waste recycling your waste in East Sussex?

Here at ETS Waste we care passionately about recycling East Sussex’s rubbish, and take our responsibilities as licensed waste carriers very seriously.

We are a small, family-run company with exciting plans for the future. But until the time comes that we can physically recycle and manufacture products for ourselves, we use licensed waste transfer stations to help with the processing and recycling of your waste in East Sussex.

We Recycle – Aiming for Zero to Landfill!

We are selective with the companies we use for waste recycling, and only dispose of your waste at sites that share our passion for recycling and minimising waste sent to landfill. We aim to send zero waste to landfill, and there are a number of ways to help achieve this.

The first and most important thing we can do is to separate waste types when loading up our truck. We always separate materials such as wood, metal, paper, card, soil, garden waste and hardcore and dispose of them in a selection of local, commercial waste transfer stations. There they are processed for recycling. Anything that can be economically seperated, broken down and recycled in this way is.

Recycling the Non-Recyclable

Our aim is to send zero waste to landfill. To achieve that, the current industry standard for non-recyclable waste is to use it to produce ‘waste-derived fuel’. This fuel is used in ‘waste-to-energy’ projects, that use the waste fuel to produce new, usable electricity!

This ‘waste-from-energy’ approach has two very positive results. Not only can we produce electricity without burning fossil fuels, we also divert waste away from landfill sites. A win-win solution!

It’s not a perfect solution however. There are sure to be even better recycling methods as time goes on, with technologies that evolve over this next decade through to 2030. We will always try to be up-to-date with the most eco-friendly recycling methods, and we’d love to implement one or two innovations of our own in time. You can keep up with our progress on our social channels.

With ETS Waste you can rest assured, your waste will not be wasted! We always aim to recycle as much of East Sussex’s waste as we possibly can, and we’re looking into ways we can manage more of it ourselves as we grow in the future. We genuinely care about recycling and will deal with your waste and recycling in the best way possible.

Please fill in our quote form for a quick, free estimate. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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